Coochieware is a very easy cheat to use. It's as simple as opening the Coochieware loader while CS:GO is open on your computer and the Coochieware loader will automatically inject the cheat into your game. All the hard work has been eliminated.


For only $1 you can get a top of the line CS:GO cheat with a lifetime subscription


Coochieware is currently an undetected cheat; This will change inevitably, but don't worry; this cheat will be updated/upgraded to be undetected again when the time comes.

Superior Aimbot

We have advanced features like auto fire, auto pistol, silent aim, hit chance/minimum damage, friendly fire, and much much more.

Feature Rich

The main selling feature of Coochieware is its feature richness. Coochieware's features are limitless and with custom things like Coochieware adaptive fake lag, you are sure to tap everybody in the HVH scene.


Because this cheat has been created to be undetected, this cheat will survive VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) waves as long as this cheat stays private. Once this cheat is detected by VAC however, you can get the new cheat when it is updated/upgraded.

Why Choose Coochieware?

Coochieware has been optimized to absolute perfection. With a legitbot better than any other cheat and a flawless skin changer, Coochieware definitely out performs its competition. You could pay loads of money for a cheat like "" but you could save the money and pay $1 for a lifetime subscription to Coochieware.

Tap Everything

When You Use Coochieware, You Tap.

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